Super Tips for Video in the Classroom

Video in the Classroom

Video in the classroom and for online classes has become a main part, section or body of any lesson plan now for many teachers. For online classes and many courses it is accessible to everyone and can be used in a variety of ways. Just as in any other work places video In the classroom is used in various ways and added to other mediums. This post will look at some of the ways video and video tools for teachers are and can be used to bring video into your online classes and in the classroom.

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The flipped classroom as it’s called is a methodology of using video in your classroom. There are many ways to engage and stimulate your students, but the most common way is using video. They stimulate visually which means instant engagement and focus for the class.

Weather it’s to tune in and introduce a concept, show contrasts or to play a related education game, there are some great ways to use video in the classroom. There is no doubt that the YouTube generation are engaged as soon as a video comes on your IWB or touch screen board.

With the new touch screen boards in many schools it’s easier than ever to create a whole class based around one video. So what are the bast ways to use video in your classroom, with your class? And which video tools have you found that work for you?

As I mentioned some of the best video tools have interactive hot spots, links to more info, quizzes, with questions inserted at certain points of your videos. There are many tools that will help you achieve this and one of my favorite interactive video tool is MindStamp.

With MindStamp you have so many options to make your video interactive. These include the usual questions and hot-spots. You can pause your video at a certain point and give your class a quiz or overlay images. You can also personalize your video so the video becomes a lesson in itself. Just over lay your comments and images with still frames and have your students complete a worksheet. MindStamp is a wonderful tool with a great selection of features. There is also a free plan and a plan for educators.

Another tool which is not free but just so good you must check this out is Stornaway. This is one of those tools that you could purchase with your school although it’s not super costly and it does offer a free trial. This is real interactive storytelling at it’s best and engages the viewer with questions and decision making as the story progresses.

Create and develop your own class story with Stornaway and include decision making. Have your class create a storyboard. Then develop the story with different endings for each decision made. A great collaborative project that would certainly engage your students.

To get a feel for the wonderful interactive storytelling tool watch this story and prepare to become enthralled. Stornaway lets you craft interactive stories that engage the viewer with different choices and perspectives, unlock secrets, answer questions and build with their story path tool. Create different paths that your viewer might take to a different ending. You can also add interactive overlays and transparent buttons and choose what happens when the audience makes a choice. A super tool and highly recommended.


Not strictly a video interactive tool but with Visme you can just about create any kind of interactive content. Another great tool that will help you create interactive lessons. Visme offers hundreds of templates, 100+ fonts, thousands of vector icons, and millions of free stock images. It also gives you the ability to embed your own content such as audio and video making it just a great tool for interactive content. The best thing about Visme is that it has a FREE forever plan with upgrades available. You can also download Visme desktop for a Mac and Windows.

Another tool that is up there in a class of it’s own when we talk about interactive content and video in ThinkLink. Interactive video is not the only medium that can be made, and ThinkLink goes as far as using their wonderful 360 Media for interactive content. ThinkLink much like other apps we have talked about here is rich with features.


With their tools you can create truly immersive videos and presentations. Add hot spots to a video that will pop up info about the place or item you clicked. Mix and match images with audio and 360 videos. ThinkLink take things even further with live streaming video and 360 views with added questions and quizzes.

The next tool which is a big favorite with many is Edpuzzle a video self paced learning tool. With Edpuzzle you can set video tasks then track your students progress. You can check how many times they have watched your video. And more importantly reinforce accountability by seeing which sections they have watched for comprehension and understanding.

Edpuzzle has a great curriculum for each grade and videos lessons already made. You can edit the videos and add your own questions to match your content. You can upload content from all the major video platforms or upload your own video content.


Another tool that offers a great experience for video is PlayPost with many interactive features.

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